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September 11, 2001

Welcome to my web home.
This is your portal to my two web sites:

Ruth's Home on the Web
Castle Harrison in the Magic Valley

Both sites are located on the same server. You can tell which part of the site you are in by looking at the URL. If there is fam/ in front of the file name, you are in Ruth's Home on the Web; if there is castle/ in front of the file name, you are in Castle Harrison. I tried to make sure there are no broken links or images; if you find any, please notify me.

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Ruth's Home on the Web holds the main genealogy and family history information pages for the Andrews and Riley families. This includes over 30 collateral families. Allied families are listed, too. There are photos which add interest to the family histories. Apply for my Family History Preservation Award. There are historical and informational pages for the USS DeKalb County, LST-715. I also have pages for poetry and my pets, holidays and memberships, funny stories and sayings. Here, reside memorial pages for family members who have passed away.

Castle Harrison in the Magic Valley is the fantasy side of my web site. Here you will find faeries and dragons, unicorns and Pegasus, merpeople and wizards, hunts, hidden places and awards, poetry, crafts and holidays. This part of my site is heavily graphic and also contains music on most every page. The Castle Scribe will tell you all about the site.

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