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Descendants of William Learned

1. William LEARNED b. Bermondsey, Co. Surry, England, m. Goodith (Judith) GILLMAN, b. England, d. 24-Jan-1661. William died 1-Mar-1646.

  • i Sarah LEARNED baptized: 30-Sep-1604, Ware, Hertfordshire, England, m. (1) 13-Jan-1623/24, in England, Thomas EWER, d. 1638, m. (2) 11-Dec-1639, in Barnstable, Thomas LATHROP, b. 1621, d. 1701.
  • ii Bethia LEARNED b. England.
  • iii Mary LEARNED b. England, buried: 26-Jul-1625, Bermondsey, England.
  • iv Abigail LEARNED b. England, m. John HALL.
  • v Elizabeth LEARNED.
  • 2. vi Isaac LEARNED.

accentSecond Generationaccent

2. Isaac LEARNED baptized: 25-Feb-1623, Bermondsey parish, Co. Surry, England, m. 9-Jul-1646, in Woburn, MA, Mary STERNES, b. England, d. 8-Jan-1663. Isaac died 27-Nov-1657, Chelmsford, MA.

  • i Mary LEARNED b. 7-Aug-1647, Woburn, MA, m. 1673, Moses BARRON, b. 1-Mar-1643, Chelmsford, MA.
  • ii Hannah LEARNED b. 24-Aug-1649, Woburn, MA, m. 25-Dec-1666, Joseph FARWELL, b. 20-Feb-1641, Chelmsford, MA.
  • iii William LEARNED b. 1-Oct-1650, Woburn, MA, d. 1684, Watertown, MA.
  • iv Sarah LEARNED b. 18-Oct-1653, Chelmsford, MA, m. Jonathan BARRETT, b. Chelmsford, MA. Sarah died 11-Jan-1695.
  • v Isaac LEARNED b. 16-Sep-1655, Chelmsford, MA, m. 23-Jul-1679, Sarah BIGELOW, b. 29-Sep-1659. Isaac died 15-Sep-1737.
  • 3. vi Benoni LEARNED b. 19-Nov-1657.

accentThird Generationaccent

3. Benoni LEARNED b. 19-Nov-1657, Chelmsford, MA, m. (1) 18-Jun-1680, in Sherborn, MA, Mary FANNING, b. 27-Oct-1662, d. 14-Oct-1688, m. (2) Sarah WRIGHT, b. Sudbury, MA, d. 25-Jan-1736. Benoni died 10-Apr-1738.

Children by Mary FANNING:

  • 4. i Thomas LEARNED b. 11-Feb-1681/82.
  • 5. ii Benjamin LEARNED b. 15-Aug-1686.
  • iii Mary LEARNED b. 10-Oct-1688, m. 11-Dec-1712, William BOND, b. Watertown, MA. Mary died 24-Apr-1716.

Children by Sarah WRIGHT:

  • iv Hannah LEARNED b. 16-Sep-1690, m. 5-Apr-1710, James LELAND, b. 1687, Grafton, d. 1768.
  • v Sarah LEARNED b. 31-May-1692, m. Isaac KENDALL, b. 1686.
  • vi Elizabeth LEARNED b. 28-Apr-1694, m. 27-Jan-1710, Timothy LELAND.
  • vii John LEARNED b. 2-May-1696.
  • viii Tabitha LEARNED b. 19-Mar-1698, m. 5-Jan-1721, Jonathan DEWING, b. Sherburn, MA.
  • ix Abigail LEARNED b. 4-Jul-1700, m. 10-Mar-1740, John WOODBURY, b. Sudbury, MA.
  • x Thankful LEARNED b. 1-Aug-1702, m. 2-May-1738, Joseph HOVEY, b. Mansfield, MA.
  • xi Edward LEARNED b. 2-Dec-1705, m. 25-Dec-1728, Sarah LELAND, b. 15-Aug-1710, d. 17-May-1736. Edward died 9-Sep-1775.
  • xii Bathsheba LEARNED b. 3-May-1708, m. 9-Jan-1729, Josiah HENDEE, b. Oxford, MA.

accentFourth Generationaccent

4. Thomas LEARNED b. 11-Feb-1681/82, Sherborn, MA, m. Mary MASON, b. 2-May-1685, (daughter of Joseph MASON and Mary FISKE) d. 1770. Thomas died 22-Dec-1729, Watertown, MA.

  • i Jonathan LEARNED b. 15-Sep-1708, Watertown, MA, m. 2-Dec-1730, Hannah WHITE, b. 15-Jan-1709, (daughter of Andrew WHITE and Sarah SANDERSON). Jonathan died 1781, Watertown, MA.
  • ii David LEARNED b. 19-Feb-1710/11, m. 22-Jul-1730, Sarah MIXER, b. 12-Mar-1707/08. David died 19-Mar-1754.
  • iii Joshua LEARNED b. 22-Nov-1712, m. 13-Feb-1730/31, Elizabeth GODDARD, b. 18-Apr-1714, d. 1-May-1774. Joshua died 26-Dec-1745.
  • iv Benjamin LEARNED b. 15-Jan-1714, d. 1743.
  • 6. v Abijah LEARNED b. 19-Nov-1715.
  • vi Thomas LEARNED b. 25-Feb-1717, d. 19-Mar-1717.
  • vii Elizabeth LEARNED b. 25-Feb-1717, d. 19-Mar-1717.
  • viii Henry LEARNED b. 6-Apr-1719, d. 1783.
  • ix Mary LEARNED b. 3-Mar-1720, d. 25-Jul-1720.
  • x Bezaleel LEARNED b. 25-Mar-1721, m. (1) 21-Nov-1745, Jerusha BOND, b. 14-Jul-1723, m. (2) 26-Dec-1779, Susanna BOWMAN.
  • xi Mary LEARNED b. 22-May-1722, d. 2-Apr-1738.
  • xii Mercy LEARNED b. 15-Sep-1725, m. 13-Oct-1743, Smith PRENTICE.
  • xiii Amariah LEARNED b. 19-Aug-1726.
  • xiv Jonas LEARNED b. 30-Aug-1728, m. Sep-1753, Tabitha MORSE, b. 22-Sep-1733.

5. Benjamin LEARNED b. 15-Aug-1686, m. 13-Feb-1710, Hannah BABCOCK. Benjamin died 22-Apr-1712.

  • i James LEARNED b. 1712, d. 1712.

accentFifth Generationaccent

6. Abijah LEARNED b. 19-Nov-1715, Cambridge, MA, m. (1) 3-Feb-1735, in Newton, MA, Sarah SMITH, d. 8-May-1745, Cambridge, MA, m. (2) Abigail [_______], d. 24-Jan-1776.

Children by Sarah SMITH:

  • i Sarah LEARNED b. 25-Feb-1735, m. 19-Apr-1759, William HEATH, b. Cambridge, MA.
  • ii Mary LEARNED b. 11-Apr-1738, m. 14-May-1768, William BOYCE, b. Boston, Suffolk Co., MA.
  • iii Samuel Smith LEARNED b. 15-May-1740, m. (1) 22-Oct-1765, Sarah GARDNER, d. 9-Feb-1767, m. (2) 15-May-1770, Mary FISKE, b. 22-Jan-1750/51, Weston, MA, d. 14-Feb-1834, Cambridge, MA. Samuel died 31-Aug-1808.

Children by Abigail [_______]:

  • iv Abigail LEARNED b. 1747, m. 26-Sep-1775, in Cambridge, MA, Ebenezer PERRY, b. Cambridge, MA.
  • 7. v Isaac LEARNED b. 1751.
  • vi Nathaniel LEARNED b. 1751, m. Hannah UNDERWOOD, b. Cambridge, MA, d. 27-Feb-1827, Brighton, MA.

accentSixth Generationaccent

7. Isaac LEARNED b. 1751, Cambridge, MA, m. 8-Jul-1784, Elizabeth WINSHIP, b. Watertown, MA, (daughter of Jonathan WINSHIP and Elizabeth [______]). Isaac died 10-Oct-1827, Brighton, MA.

  • i Elizabeth LEARNED b. 3-Jul-1785, Cambridge, MA.
  • ii Abijah LEARNED b. 28-Oct-1787, Cambridge, MA, d. Cambridge, MA.
  • 8. iii Abijah LEARNED b. 1789.
  • iv Isaac LEARNED b. 1790.
  • v Harriet LEARNED b. 5-Oct-1794, m. 24-Oct-1830, Newhall MARTIN, b. 20-May-1768, Charleston, d. 3-May-1847. Harriet died 5-Apr-1873.

accentSeventh Generationaccent

8. Abijah LEARNED b. 1789, Brighton, MA, m. 10-May-1811, Clarissa SANDERSON, d. 24-Dec-1861, Brighton, MA. Abijah died 22-Jan-1856, Westboro, MA.

  • 9. i William LEARNED b. 18-Oct-1812.
  • ii Clarissa LEARNED b. 11-Jul-1814, Shirley, MA.
  • iii Alphonzo LEARNED b. 2-Jan-1816, Shirley, MA, d. 24-Jun-1837, Westboro, MA.
  • iv Abijah LEARNED b. 26-Mar-1817, Stow, MA, m. 18-Dec-1843, Harriet L. SKINNER, b. 15-May-1823, Medford, ME. Abijah died 9-Apr-1877, Boston, MA.
  • v Susan Sanderson LEARNED b. 11-Mar-1819, Boston, MA, d. 1-Oct-1825.
  • vi Isaac Mason LEARNED b. 14-Nov-1821, Boston, MA, m. 1-Oct-1851, Elizabeth Lincoln RUGGLES, b. Dorchester, MA.
  • vii Josiah Hovey LEARNED b. 29-Aug-1823, Boston, MA.
  • viii James Monroe LEARNED b. 23-May-1827, Boston, MA, m. 1874, [______] DYER.
  • ix Eliza Jane LEARNED b. 23-May-1827, Boston, MA, m. 12-Nov-1857, Edward C. HEARNDON, b. St. Louis, MO.
  • x Mary Elizabeth LEARNED b. 22-Jan-1829, Boston, MA, m. 12-Aug-1854, Daniel J. HANCOCK, b. St. Louis, MO.
  • xi Abraham Sanderson LEARNED b. 19-Oct-1830, Boston, MA, d. 12-Dec-1902, Port Townsend, WA.
  • xii Francis Henry LEARNED b. 27-Jun-1832, Bolton, MA, m. 1860, Lovina J. HOLLINGSWORTH, b. St. Louis, MO.
  • xiii Susan Brown LEARNED b. 18-Sep-1834, Bolton, MA, m. 4-Nov-1855, Peter M. STEENSTRA, b. St. Louis, MO.

accentEighth Generationaccent

9. William LEARNED b. 18-Oct-1812, Watertown, MA, m. (1) 4-May-1837, Nancy D. FOWLER, m. (2) 14-Sep-1851, Lucy Ann TEAD, m. (3) 9-Sep-1875, Charlotte A. FULLER. William died 29-May-1882, Chelsea, MA.

Children by Nancy D. FOWLER:

  • i Ann Louisa LEARNED b. 10-Mar-1838, Boston, MA, m. 14-Sep-1856, Timothy Fuller SHATTUCK, b. 12-Mar-1831.
  • 10. ii Alphonso Fowler LEARNED b. 17-Oct-1838.
  • 11. iii William Henry Harrison LEARNED b. 5-Nov-1840.

Children by Lucy Ann TEAD:

  • iv Charles Wright LEARNED b. 28-Feb-1853, Boston, MA, d. 1854.
  • v Marietta Elizabeth LEARNED b. 19-May-1854, Boston, MA.
  • vi George Washington LEARNED b. 30-May-1856, Boston, MA, m. Lizzie B. SUTTINGHAM.
  • vii Frederick Augustus LEARNED b. 22-Jul-1858, Boston, MA.

accentNinth Generationaccent

10. Alphonso Fowler LEARNED b. 17-Oct-1838, Boston, MA, m. 4-Mar-1872, in Port Townsend, WA, Isabelle MCCURDY, b. 16-May-1848, (daughter of Samuel M. MCCURDY, Sr. and Catherine BOYD) d. 4-Jun-1935, Port Townsend. Alphonso died 20-Dec-1906.

  • i Harry Willis LEARNED b. 1-Jan-1873, Port Townsend, WA, d. 24-Nov-1928.
  • ii Catherine Irene LEARNED b. 28-Jan-1875, m. James Walter BROWN, b. 1872, d. 1936. Catherine died 14-Apr-1947.
  • iii Isabelle Dorothy LEARNED b. 31-Aug-1877, m. 15-Nov-1911, divorced, George WILSON, b. 1860, d. 1915. Isabelle died 1944.
  • 12. iv Samuel Munford LEARNED b. 31-Jul-1880.
  • v Annie Louisa LEARNED b. 1884.
  • vi Grayce Thanksgiving LEARNED b. 24-Nov-1886, m. 21-May-1913, in Port Townsend, WA, Paul Hans Konrad REDDERS, b. 1878, d. 1937.
  • vii Allan Earl LEARNED b. 6-Oct-1888, d. 5-Apr-1944.

11. William Henry Harrison LEARNED b. 5-Nov-1840, Boston, MA, m. 15-Apr-1865, in San Francisco, CA, Harriet Ann SALVAN, b. 14-Apr-1840, Nova Scotia, Canada d. 13-Dec-1913. William died 19-Mar-1904, Port Townsend, WA.

  • i William Fowler LEARNED b. 3-Feb-1866, Port Townsend, WA, d. 13-Jan-1904, Seattle, WA.
  • 13. ii Alphonso Francis (Fawnie) LEARNED b. 16-Nov-1867.
  • iii Daisy Louisa LEARNED photo available b. 25-Jun-1869, Port Townsend, WA, m. 8-Nov-1897, in Port Townsend, WA, William Madison ANDREWS, b. 28-Oct-1866, Bangor, ME, (son of Danville Decatur ANDREWS photo available and Abigail Newcomb MERRICK) d. 5-Jan-1946, Port Townsend, WA. Daisy died 25-Nov-1934, Seattle, WA. (Daisy's obituary) (William's obituary)
  • iv Rosa Belle LEARNED b. 11-Apr-1872, Port Townsend, WA, d. 24-Jul-1872.

accentTenth Generationaccent

12. Samuel Munford LEARNED b. 31-Jul-1880, m. 8-Nov-1906, Margaret Welsh MURRAY, b. 30-Sep-1888, Tacoma, WA. Samuel died 9-Apr-1949, Port Townsend, WA.

  • i Allan Munford LEARNED b. 1-Nov-1906, Port Townsend, WA, d. 12-Jul-1967, Altadena, CA.
  • 14. ii Samuel Murray LEARNED
  • iii Isabel Margaret LEARNED m. Darrell W. MINTZ, Sr..

13. Alphonso Francis (Fawnie) LEARNED b. 16-Nov-1867, Port Townsend, WA, m. 26-Aug-1891, Gertrude Frances PEARCE, b. 27-Dec-1867, Bloomington, IL, (daughter of T. J. PEARCE) d. 6-Nov-1950, Seattle, WA. Alphonso died 10-Jun-1938.

  • i Aleen Hazel LEARNED b. 29-Jun-1892, d. 18-Aug-1960, Seattle, WA.
  • ii Harriet Iona LEARNED b. 28-Mar-1894.

accentEleventh Generationaccent

14. Samuel Murray LEARNED m. Caroline Mary Bill

  • i Samuel Murray LEARNED, Jr.
  • ii Howard Michael LEARNED
  • iii Douglas Bill LEARNED


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