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Descendants of Thomas Loomis

1. Thomas LOOMIS b. England, d. 1551, England.

  • 2. i John LOOMIS

accentSecond Generationaccent


  • 3. i John LOOMIS
  • ii Edward LOOMIS

accentThird Generationaccent

3. John LOOMIS bapt. 1562, m. Agnes [______]. John died 1619, Braintree, Essex Co., England.

  • 4. i Joseph LOOMIS b. 1590.

accentFourth Generationaccent

4. Joseph LOOMIS b. 1590, Braintree, England, m. 30-Jun-1614, in Messing, Co. Essex, England, Mary WHITE, b. Messing, England, (daughter of Robert WHITE and Bridget ALLGAR) d. 23-Aug-1652. Joseph died 25-Nov-1658, Windsor, CT.

  • i Joseph LOOMIS b. 1615.
  • ii Sarah LOOMIS b. 1617.
  • iii Elizabeth LOOMIS b. 1619.
  • iv Mary LOOMIS b. 1620.
  • 5. v John LOOMIS b. 1622.
  • vi Thomas LOOMIS b. 1624.
  • vii Nathaniel LOOMIS b. 1626.
  • viii Samuel LOOMIS b. 1628.

accentFifth Generationaccent

5. John LOOMIS b. 1622, Co. Essex, England, m. 3-Feb-1648/49, Elizabeth SCOTT, b. 1625, Hartford, Hartford Co., CT, (daughter of Thomas SCOTT and Ann [______]) d. 7-May-1696. John died 1-Sep-1688, Windsor, CT.

  • i John LOOMIS b. 9-Nov-1649.
  • ii Joseph LOOMIS b. 7-Nov-1651.
  • iii Thomas LOOMIS b. 3-Dec-1653.
  • iv Samuel LOOMIS b. 29-Jun-1655, Farmington, CT.
  • 6. v Daniel LOOMIS b. 16-Jun-1657.
  • vi James LOOMIS b. 19-Sep-1659, Farmington, CT, d. 14-Dec-1669.
  • vii Timothy LOOMIS b. 27-Jul-1661.
  • viii Nathaniel LOOMIS b. 8-Jul-1663.
  • ix David LOOMIS b. 30-May-1665, Windsor, CT, d. 24-Jun-1665.
  • x Samuel LOOMIS b. 12-Aug-1666.
  • xi Isaac LOOMIS b. 31-Aug-1668, Windsor, CT, d. 12-Dec-1668.
  • xii Elizabeth LOOMIS b. 8-May-1671.
  • xiii Mary LOOMIS b. 7-Aug-1673, Windsor, CT, d. 14-May-1675.

accentSixth Generationaccent

6. Daniel LOOMIS b. 16-Jun-1657, Farmington, CT, m. (1) 23-Dec-1680, Mary ELLSWORTH, b. 7-May-1660, (daughter of Josiah ELLSWORTH and Elizabeth HOLCOMB) m. (2) 9-Jul-1713, Hannah DRAKE. Daniel died 25-Jun-1740.

Children by Mary ELLSWORTH:

  • i Daniel LOOMIS b. 15-Nov-1682.
  • 7. ii Josiah LOOMIS b. 28-Nov-1684.
  • iii Job LOOMIS b. 21-Jan-1686/87.
  • iv John LOOMIS b. 11-Oct-1688.
  • v Mary LOOMIS b. 15-Jan-1690/91, Windsor, CT, m. 6-May-1708, Joseph BARBOUR.
  • vi Isaac LOOMIS b. 23-Aug-1694.
  • vii Abraham LOOMIS b. 13-Dec-1696.
  • viii Benjamin LOOMIS b. 7-Feb-1698/99.
  • ix Benjah LOOMIS b. 20-Jan-1701/02, Windsor, CT, d. 6-May-1702.

accentSeventh Generationaccent

7. Josiah LOOMIS b. 28-Nov-1684, Windsor, CT, m. 22-Jan-1707/08, Elizabeth KELSEY.

  • 8. i Josiah LOOMIS b. 11-Mar-1708/09.
  • ii Benajah LOOMIS b. 28-Jan-1710/11.
  • iii Ebenezer LOOMIS b. 9-Nov-1712, Windsor, CT, m. 17-May-1736, Hannah GRIFFIN. Ebenezer died 1792, Blenheim, Schoharie Co., NY.
  • iv Thomas LOOMIS b. 16-Jun-1717, Windsor, CT, d. 1767, Ancram, NY.
  • v Jacob LOOMIS b. 26-Nov-1720, Taghcanic, NY.
  • vi Francis LOOMIS b. 12-Jun-1726, Simsbury, CT, m. Elizabeth [______]. Francis died 1783, Simsbury, CT.

accentEighth Generationaccent

8. Josiah LOOMIS b. 11-Mar-1708/09, Windsor, CT, m. 26-Apr-1732, Abigail BACON, b. Middletown, CT.

  • i Elizabeth LOOMIS b. 6-Mar-1733.
  • ii Abigail LOOMIS b. 27-Feb-1734/35, d. 3-Mar-1736/37.
  • iii Josiah LOOMIS b. 19-May-1737.
  • iv Andrew LOOMIS b. 23-May-1739, Egremont, Birkshire Co., MA, m. (1) 2-Mar-1758, Thankful Catherine KARNER, d. 1808, m. (2) Sibyl [_______]. Andrew died 1-Nov-1820, Lenox, Berkshire Co., MA.
  • v Michael LOOMIS b. 5-Sep-1741.
  • vi Abijah LOOMIS b. 10-Mar-1743/44.
  • vii Sarah LOOMIS b. 10-Oct-1748.
  • viii Daniel LOOMIS b. 4-Apr-1750.
  • 9. ix Benaiah LOOMIS b. 15-Jul-1752.
  • x Rachel LOOMIS b. 11-Mar-1755.

accentNinth Generationaccent

9. Benaiah LOOMIS b. 15-Jul-1752, Old Taghkanie, Columbia Co., NY, m. (1) 15-Nov-1771, Rachel PATTERSON, b. 20-Aug-1846, Egremont, Birkshire Co., MA, d. 17-Oct-1816, m. (2) Prudence [_______]. Benaiah died 8-Mar-1838, Smithville, Chenango Co., NY.

Children by Rachel PATTERSON:

  • i Elizabeth (Betsey) LOOMIS b. 15-Jul-1772.
  • ii Catherine LOOMIS b. 29-Mar-1774, Smithville, NY, m. Peter RORABAUGH. Catherine died 1856, Smithville, NY.
  • iii Edward LOOMIS b. 2-Feb-1777.
  • iv Tabitha LOOMIS b. 13-Jun-1779.
  • v Ruth LOOMIS b. 20-Mar-1781, Smithville, NY, m. Jeduthun GRAY. Ruth died 1835, Indiana.
  • 10. vi Daniel LOOMIS b. 14-Feb-1783.
  • vii Jane LOOMIS b. 21-Mar-1785, Smithville, NY, d. 22-Jul-1797.
  • viii Amy LOOMIS b. 21-Feb-1788, Smithville, NY, m. John STEPHENS. Amy died 1823, Greene, Chenango Co., NY.
  • ix Nancy LOOMIS b. 22-May-1790, Smithville, NY, m. Chauncey HILL. Nancy died 1846, Smithville, NY.

accentTenth Generationaccent

10. Daniel LOOMIS b. 14-Feb-1783, Smithville, NY, m. 15-Apr-1801, in Brisben, Chenango Co., NY, Sarah (Sally) TEN BROECK, b. 13-Mar-1786, South Oxford, Chenango Co., NY, (daughter of John I. TEN BROECK and Fitze MILLER) d. 23-Mar-1864, Oxford, Chenango Co., NY. Daniel died 18-Nov-1854, Oxford, NY.

  • i Maria B. LOOMIS b. 3-Sep-1801.
  • ii Alvira LOOMIS b. 3-Jun-1804, Oxford, NY, m. 5-Jun-1823, Dan Hyde ROBINSON b. 11-Oct-1795, Lebanon, CT, (son of Samuel ROBINSON and Priscilla METCALF) d. 24-May-1871, South Oxford, NY. Alvira d. 20-May-1850, South Oxford, Chenango Co., NY.
  • iii Lovice LOOMIS b. 28-Aug-1806, Oxford, NY, m. 21-Sep-1825, in Oxford, NY, Jeremiah TILLOTSON, b. 1804, Greene, NY, (son of Joseph TILLOTSON and Lovica [_______]) d. 11-Sep-1898, Preston. Lovice died 7-Nov-1877.
  • iv Edward LOOMIS b. 28-Sep-1808.
  • v John LOOMIS b. 2-Mar-1813, Oxford, NY, d. 5-Nov-1832.
  • 11. vi Wheaton LOOMIS b. 11-Apr-1817.
  • vii Daniel T. LOOMIS b. 5-Sep-1819.
  • viii Charlotte T. LOOMIS b. 15-Apr-1822, Oxford, NY, m. 30-Dec-1846, in Greene, NY, William WILLIAMSON.
  • ix Mary Ann LOOMIS b. 21-May-1824.
  • x Sarah Ann LOOMIS b. 21-May-1824, Oxford, NY, d. 15-Jul-1826.

accentEleventh Generationaccent

11. Wheaton LOOMIS b. 11-Apr-1817, Oxford, NY, m. (1) 20-Nov-1835, in Oxford, NY, Catherine MCGOWAN, b. 1817, Ireland, d. 1904, m. (2) in Greene, NY, Cynthia TRACY, b. 1827, (daughter of John TRACY and Polly STANTON) d. 19-Oct-1904, Utica, NY. Wheaton died 24-Jan-1890.

Children by Catherine MCGOWAN:

  • 12. i Jeremiah T. LOOMIS b. 10-Dec-1836.
  • ii Mary Alvira LOOMIS b. 8-Aug-1838.

Children by Cynthia TRACY:

  • iii Edward LOOMIS b. 7-Nov-1841, Oxford, NY, d. 17-Jul-1843.

accentTwelfth Generationaccent

12. Jeremiah T. LOOMIS photo available b. 10-Dec-1836, Oxford, NY, m. 26-Oct-1859, in Oxford, NY, Maria Sally WHEELER, photo available b. 22-Jul-1839, Greene, NY, (daughter of George W. WHEELER and Malinda Crandell HOLLENBECK) d. 19-Sep-1918, Brisben, Chenango Co., NY. Jeremiah died 17-Jan-1913, Brisben, NY.

  • i Elvira M. LOOMIS b. 15-Mar-1861, Oxford, NY, d. 11-Nov-1862.
  • ii Margaret Ross LOOMIS b. 25-Oct-1862, Oxford, NY, d. 20-Nov-1862.
  • iii Wheaton D. LOOMIS b. 7-Jun-1864.
  • iv Charlotte W. LOOMIS b. 29-Jan-1866.
  • v Kathryn M. LOOMIS photo available b. 26-Aug-1869. m. Griffith MORRIS photo available
  • vi George W. LOOMIS b. 7-May-1871, Oxford, NY, d. 4-Nov-1874.
  • vii Frank C. LOOMIS b. 25-Mar-1873.
  • viii Infant daughter LOOMIS b. 16-May-1877, Oxford, NY, d. 16-May-1877.
  • 13. ix William Guernsey LOOMIS b. 13-Jun-1879.
  • x Myrtle L. LOOMIS b. 6-Mar-1882.

accentThirteenth Generationaccent

13. William Guernsey LOOMIS b. 13-Jun-1879, Oxford, NY, m. 29-Jun-1904, in Greene, NY, photo available Belva Lockwood MANZER, b. 2-Apr-1884, McDonough, Chenango Co., NY, (daughter of Harvey Christopher MANZER photo available and Lucetta Anne RATHBONE photo available) d. 16-Dec-1974, Seattle, King Co., WA. William died 27-Feb-1961, Seattle, WA.

Children: photo available

  • i Alberta Loomis died at birth.
  • ii Grace Elizabeth Loomis, b. 23 Dec 1910, Fargo, Cass Co., ND, m. 1-Jul-1932, in Seattle, King Co., WA Herbert Hult HANSEN b. 8-Jul-1909, Moorehead, Clay Co., MN. Grace d. 27-Jan-1987, Seattle, WA. Herbert died 16-Apr-1997, Seattle, WA.
  • iii Millard Edward Loomis, b. 8 Sept 1916, Fargo, Cass Co., ND, m. 8 Sept 1938, in Chehalis, Lewis Co., WA Helen Gertrude TOMLINSON. Millard died 27 May 2000, AZ.
  • iv Ruth Maria Loomis, b. 23 June 1919, Fargo, ND, m. 18 Sept 1940, in Seattle, WA George Andrews, Jr. b. 15-Feb-1917, Uncas, WA. George died 5-Mar-1985 (George's Obituary), Kirkland, WA. (George's Dedication Page) Ruth died 28 July 1998 (Ruth's Obituary), Seattle, WA. (Ruth's Dedication Page)


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