Descendants of William Starrett

1. William STARRETT b. Scotland, m. in Ireland, Mary GAMBLE, b. about 1700, d. 17-Apr-1786, Warren, ME. William died Dedham, MA.

  • i Margaret STARRETT m. (1) Hugh SCOTT, b. about 1709, d. 3-Nov-1762, m. (2) D. LOCKE, m. (3) Stephen PEABODY.
  • ii Hugh STARRETT b. Ireland, d. At sea.
  • 2. iii David STARRETT.
  • 3. iv Thomas STARRETT b. 1738.
  • v William STARRETT m. Abigail FISHER, b. Dedham, MA. William died Francestown, NH.

accentSecond Generationaccent

2. David STARRETT m. [______] MCCLINTOCK. David died Francestown, NH.

  • i Calvin STARRETT b. 1791, d. 16-Feb-1876, Washington, ME.

3. Thomas STARRETT b. 1738, Warren, ME, m. Rebecca LEWIS, b. about 1743, d. 26-Jun-1813. Thomas died 31-Jan-1822, Warren, ME.

  • i Mary STARRETT b. 5-Mar-1764, m. John O'BRIEN. Mary died 20-Sep-1848, Thomaston, ME.
  • 4. ii Thomas STARRETT b. 1765.
  • 5. iii William STARRETT b. 1767.
  • 6. iv Isaac STARRETT b. 1769.
  • v Rebecca STARRETT b. 1771, m. John SPEAR. Rebecca died 28-Jan-1852, Warren, ME.
  • 7. vi John STARRETT b. May-1773.
  • vii Margaret STARRETT b. 1775, m. Thomas KIRKPATRICK. Margaret died 1-Apr-1855.
  • viii Nancy STARRETT b. 1777, m. John KIRKPATRICK. Nancy died 22-Apr-1834, Warren, ME.
  • ix Sarah STARRETT b. Jul-1780, m. Lemuel ANDREWS. Sarah died 14-Jun-1854, Rockport, ME.
  • 8. x Lewis STARRETT b. 2-May-1783.
  • xi Elizabeth STARRETT b. 28-Oct-1788, m. Stephen C. BURGESS. Elizabeth died 1875, Foxcroft, ME.
  • xii Lucy STARRETT b. 15-Jun-1886, m. 1-May-1827, John MCDOWELL. Lucy died 8-Dec-1866.

accentThird Generationaccent

4. Thomas STARRETT b. 1765, m. Anna KIRKPATRICK. Thomas died 24-Jul-1844, Warren, ME.

  • i David STARRETT m. [______] FAIRBANKS. David died 3-Apr-1851, Augusta, ME.
  • ii James STARRETT b. 11-Dec-1791, m. (1) 1823, Ann S. OAKES, m. (2) Oct-1843, Nancy J. ATWOOD, b. Waterville.
  • iii Charles STARRETT m. Sarah COLE. Charles died 25-Jan-1857.
  • iv Rebecca L. STARRETT m. 6-Oct-1822, William COLE. Rebecca died 6-Oct-1849.
  • v George STARRETT m. (1) Eliza HAMMOND, b. Bangor, ME, m. (2) Martha BURGESS, b. Wareham, m. (3) Caroline [_______], b. Bangor, ME. George died 1836, Bangor, ME.
  • vi Clarissa STARRETT baptized: 11-Jun-1802, m. 10-Mar-1835, Abraham COLE.

5. William STARRETT b. 1767, m. (1) Jane Spear, m. (2) 1829, Martha MCCARTER, b. Cushing. William died 4-Oct-1834.

Children by Jane Spear:

  • i William Lewis STARRETT baptized: 22-Jun-1794, d. young.
  • ii Thomas STARRETT baptized: 2-Jul-1797, m. (1) 2-Dec-1824, Jane SPEAR, m. (2) Jan-1854, Louisa M. [______]. Thomas died 22-Feb-1874, Warren, ME.
  • iii John S. STARRETT m. 30-Dec-1827, Ann KIRKPATRICK. John died 11-Apr-1871, Warren, ME.
  • iv Edward STARRETT b. 2-Mar-1800, m. 26-Nov-1829, Louisa LEACH. Edward died 22-Dec-1866, Warren, ME.
  • v Aaron STARRETT baptized: 2-Feb-1803, m. (1) Nancy MORSE, b. Union, ME, m. (2) Sarah C. HILLS, b. Union, ME.
  • vi Nancy STARRETT m. Job SPEAR.
  • vii Benjamin E. STARRETT m. Harriet N. MORSE, b. Union, ME.
  • viii Mary Jane STARRETT d. 15-May-1842.

6. Isaac STARRETT b. 1769, m. Mary Spear. Isaac died 14-Nov-1830.

  • i William L. STARRETT baptized: 9-Oct-1796, m. Abigail DAVIS. William died 26-Jul-1850, Warren, ME.
  • ii Mary STARRETT b. 2-Jul-1797, m. Edward O'BRIEN.
  • iii Jane STARRETT baptized: 15-Sep-1799, m. Stephen B. CROCKER.
  • iv Edmund STARRETT b. 17-Feb-1801, m. 26-Jun-1827, Nancy MCINTYRE. Edmund died 28-Apr-1874.
  • v Alexander STARRETT b. Nov-1802, m. 10-Feb-1834, Ann M. ANDERSON.
  • vi Rebecca STARRETT b. 1806, m. Reuben HALL.
  • vii Olive G. STARRETT m. James MCINTYRE.
  • viii Samuel STARRETT b. 1807, d. 15-Feb-1810.
  • ix Samuel S. STARRETT m. Lucinda GARDINER. Samuel died 12-Aug-1850, San Francisco, CA.
  • x David S. STARRETT b. 8-Jan-1813, m. (1) 20-Sep-1838, Jane C. MCINTYRE, m. (2) 27-Aug-1848, Mary E. HOFFSES.
  • xi Isaac Ellis STARRETT baptized: 2-Nov-1815, d. 6-Jan-1834.
  • xii Caroline STARRETT m. Joseph W. VAUGHN.

7. John STARRETT b. May-1773, m. Margaret FITZGERALD. John died 11-Jan-1856.

  • i Joseph STARRETT b. 3-Jan-1803, m. 27-May-1837, Abigail K. DUNBAR.
  • ii Eliza STARRETT b. 4-Jul-1805, d. 25-May-1805.
  • iii Silas STARRETT b. 10-Dec-1806, d. 1833, At sea.
  • iv Mary W. STARRETT b. 25-Dec-1808, m. Henry SEIDERS.
  • v Andrew STARRETT b. 6-Mar-1808, m. 16-Sep-1846, Sarah COHEN.
  • vi Sarah Ann STARRETT b. 2-Sep-1812, m. in Thomaston, ME, George C. MERRICK, b. 16-Jun-1814, Burnham, ME, (son of William MERRICK and Betsey GOUDE) d. Libertyville, IL. Sarah died Libertyville, IL.
  • vii George F. STARRETT b. 4-Jul-1814, ME, m. 19-May-1844, Mary HANLEY, b. Bristol, ME.
  • viii John STARRETT b. 8-May-1816.
  • ix Eliza STARRETT b. 20-Mar-1818, d. 30-Oct-1849.
  • 9. x Edwin STARRETT b. 17-Jan-1820.

8. Lewis STARRETT b. 2-May-1783, m. Mary COLE. Lewis died 13-Apr-1863.

  • i Marcus STARRETT

accentFourth Generationaccent

9. Edwin STARRETT b. 17-Jan-1820, ME, m. 5-Nov-1846, in Burnham, ME, Cordelia T. MERRICK, b. 15-Jun-1828, Burnham, ME, (daughter of William MERRICK and Betsey GOUDE). Edwin died 26-Dec, Port Townsend, WA.

  • 10. i Florence E. STARRETT b. 23-Jul-1849.
  • ii Alton L. STARRETT b. 25-Jan-1851, Burnham, ME, d. 31-Dec-1851.
  • 11. iii George E. STARRETT b. 31-Oct-1854.
  • iv Alice J. STARRETT b. 28-Oct-1858, Thomaston, ME, d. 9-Apr-1882.
  • v Danville W. STARRETT b. 20-Oct-1859, Thomaston, ME, m. 27-Nov-1888, in San Francisco, CA, Mary F. LYONS.
  • vi Augustine M. STARRETT b. 12-Apr-1863, Thomaston, ME.

accentFifth Generationaccent

10. Florence E. STARRETT b. 23-Jul-1849, Burnham, ME, m. 5-Nov-1875, George E. LAKE, b. 1848, NY, d. 1917. Florence died 30-Jun-1899.

  • 12. i Sanford T. LAKE b. 1877.

11. George E. STARRETT b. 31-Oct-1854, Thomaston, ME, m. (1) 19-Feb-1887, in Seattle, WA, Ann D. VAN BOKKELEN, b. 16-May-1863, Washington Territory, (daughter of Jacobus Jan Hogerworth VAN BOKKELEN and Nancy Ann PRICE) d. 10-Apr-1914, m. (2) 1924, in Seattle, WA, Mary NELSON, b. 2-Jul-1875, d. 9-Jun-1964. George died 1927, Port Townsend, WA. (See the beautiful Victorian Starrett Mansion in Port Townsend, WA that George built as a wedding present for Ann. It is now a bed and breakfast.)

Children by Ann D. Van Bokkelen:

  • 13. i Edwin Morris STARRETT b. Mar-1894.

accentSixth Generationaccent

12. Sanford T. LAKE b. 1877, Libertyville, LAKE Co., IL, m. 18-Jul-1900, in Sequim, WA, Anna GREEN, b. 1880, Canyon, CO, (daughter of W. G. GREEN) d. 1961, Port Townsend, WA. Sanford died 1965, Port Townsend, WA.

  • i Florence LAKE b. Port Townsend, WA, m. C. R. WALLIS.

13. Edwin Morris STARRETT b. Mar-1894, WA, m. 27-Mar-1937, in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, Ophis Rhea (Virginia) KING, b. 22-Nov-1910, Dixon, Mississippi, (daughter of Henry T. KING and Nannie E. MAJURE) d. 7-Feb-1995, Port Townsend, WA. Edwin died 19-May-1981.


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