The first 18 generations of information are from the The Tillotson Project.

Descendants of Nicholas De Tilston

1. Nicholas De Tilston b. about 1276, Tilston, Cheshire, England.

  • 2. i John De Tilston b. about 1306.

accentSecond Generationaccent

2. John De Tilston b. about 1306, Tilston, Cheshire, England.

  • 3. i Nicholas De Tilston b. 1335.

accentThird Generationaccent

3. Nicholas De Tilston b. 1335, Tilston, Cheshire, d. 1377.

  • 4. i John De Tilston b. about 1360.

accentFourth Generationaccent

4. John De Tilston b. about 1360, Tilston, Cheshire, England, m. Ellen De Mulneton.

  • 5. i Robert De Tilston b. about 1392.

accentFifth Generationaccent

5. Robert De Tilston b. about 1392, Tilston, Cheshire, England.

  • 6. i Roger Tilston about 1420.

accentSixth Generationaccent

6. Roger Tilston b. about 1420, m. Catherine Leigh.

  • 7. i Thomas Tilston b. about 1448.

    accentSeventh Generationaccent

    7. Thomas Tilston b. about 1448, Huxley, Cheshire, England, m. Elizabeth Heath.

    • i Hugh Tilston
    • 8. ii Richard Tilston b. about 1477.

    accentEighth Generationaccent

    8. Richard Tilston b. about 1477, Huxley, Cheshire, England, m. Maud Bostock.

    • i Thomas Tilston
    • ii Roger Tilston
    • 9. iii Ralph Tilston b. 1506.

    accentNinth Generationaccent

    9. Ralph Tilston b. 1506, Newport, Shropshire, England, m. Elizabeth Leighton.

    • i William Tilston
    • ii Tristam Tilston
    • iii Ralph Tilston
    • 10. iv Thomas Tilston b. about 1530.

    accentTenth Generationaccent

    10. Thomas Tilston b. about 1530, Newport, Shropshire, England, m.Elizabeth Pickles. Thomas died 1587, Halifax, Yorkshire, England.

    • i George Tillotson
    • ii William Tillotson
    • iii John Tillotson
    • 11. iv James Tillotson b. 1565.

    accentEleventh Generationaccent

    11. James Tillotson b. 21565, Sowerby, Yorkshire, England, m. 30-Jun-1588, in Midgely, Halifax, Yorkshire, England, Mary Ann Hudson.

    • 12. i John Tillotson b. 1591.
    • ii Anne Tillotson
    • iii Mary Tillotson

    accentTwelfth Generationaccent

    12. John Tillotson b. 1591, Midgely, Halifax, Yorkshire, England, m. 18-Sep-1610, in Heptonstal, Yorkshire, England, Mary Mitchell. John died Oct-1628, Heptonstal, England.

    • 13. i John Tillotson b. b. 29-Jun-1618.

    accentThirteenth Generationaccent

    13. John Tillotson b. 29-Jun-1618, Yorkshire, England, m. (1) 24-May-1655, in Newbury, Essex Co., MA, Jane Evans, m. (2) 14-Jul-1648, in Newbury, MA, Dorcas Coleman. John died 1670, Lyme, New London Co., CT.

    Children by Jane Evans:

    • i Philadelphia Tillotson
    • ii Joseph Tillotson
    • 15. iii Jonathan Tillotson b. 6-Jul-1659.
    • iv Jacob Tillotson
    Children by Dorcas Coleman:
    • v John Tillotson
    • vi James Tillotson
    • vii Mary Tillotson

    accentFourteenth Generationaccent

    14. Jonathan Tillotson b. 6-Jul-1659, Newbury, Essex Co., MA, m. 10-Jan-1682/83, in Lyme, CT, Mary Jones. Jonathan died 3-Oct-1709, Lyme, CT.

    • 15. i Jonathan Tillotson b. 26-Oct-1684.
    • ii John Tillotson
    • iii John Tillotson
    • iv David Tillotson
    • v James Tillotson
    • vi Samuel Tillotson
    • vii Mary Tillotson
    • viii Temperance Tillotson

    accentFifteenth Generationaccent

    15. Jonathan Tillotson 26-Oct-1684, Lyme, CT, m. 19-Aug-1707, in Lyme, CT, Rebecca Chamberlain. Jonathan died 24-Aug-1753, Hebron, Tolland Co., CT.

    • i Jonathan Tillotson b. 26-Oct-1684.
    • ii Rebecca Tillotson
    • 16. iii James Tillotson b. 18-Jul-1718.
    • iv Mary Tillotson
    • v Abraham Tillotson
    • vi Daniel Tillotson

    accentSixteenth Generationaccent

    16. James Tillotson b. 18-Jul-1718, Oxford, MA, m. Deborah [_______]. James died 11-Dec-1758, Hebron, CT.

    • i James Tillotson
    • 17. ii Joseph Tillotson b. about 1741.
    • iii Lucy Tillotson
    • iv Sarah Tillotson

    accentSeventeenth Generationaccent

    17. Joseph Tillotson b. about 1741, m. Deborah [_______].

    • i Elizer Tillotson
    • 18. ii David Tillotson
    • iii William Tillotson
    • 19. iv Abraham Tillotson
    • v Morehouse Tillotson
    • 20. vi Joseph Tillotson b. 1776.

    accentEighteenth Generationaccent

    18. David Tillotson m. Sallie Simmons

    • i Uri Tillotson
    • 21. ii Orin Tillotson
    • iii Alanson Tillotson
    • iv Mahala Tillotson, m. 10-Oct-1831, in Smithville, Chenango Co., NY, Nathan Towslee.
    • v Julia Tillotson
    • vi Sally Tillotson
    • vii Ira Tillotson b. Smithville.
    • 22. viii Perry Tillotson b. 4-Apr-1829.
    19. Abraham Tillotson m. Lucy [_______]
    • i Joseph Tillotson
    • ii Henry Tillotson
    • iii Julia Tillotson
    • iv Fannie Tillotson
    • v Mary Tillotson m. [_____] Roy
    • vi Winnie Tillotson
    • vii Mabell Tillotson, m. [_____] Tarbell
    • viii Louise Tillotson
    • ix Edwin Tillotson
    • x Charles Tillotson
    • xi George Tillotson
    • xii Nelson Tillotson
    20. Joseph Tillotson b. 1776, Rutland, MA, m. Lovica [_______]. Joseph died 1852.
    • i Sabrina Tillotson b. 1796.
    • 23. ii Jeremiah Tillotson b. 1804.
    • 24. iii Silas Tillotson b. 1810.
    • iv Abigail Tillotson

    accentNineteenth Generationaccent

    21. Orin Tillotson.

    • i Polly Tillotson, m. [_____] Corbin
    • ii Albert Tillotson
    22. Perry Tillotson b. 4-Apr-1829, Smithville, Chenango Co., NY, m. (1) 1858, Clarissa Rorapaugh, (daughter of Andrew Rorapaugh and Angeline Webb) d. 23-Nov-1866, m. (2) 1870, Julia Rorapaugh, b. Smithville, NY, (daughter of Andrew Rorapaugh and Angeline Webb) d. 29-Nov-1910, South New Berlin, Chenango Co., NY. Perry died 1910, McDonough, Chenango Co., NY, buried, Riverview Cem. Oxford, Chenango Co., NY.

    Children by Clarissa Rorapaugh:

    • i David Tillotson
    • ii Floyd Tillotson
    • iii Richard Tillotson
    • iv Clarence Tillotson
    Children by Julia Rorapaugh:
    • v William Tillotson
    • vi Clare Tillotson, m. Frank Brown
    23. Jeremiah Tillotson b. 1804, Greene, NY, m. 21-Sep-1825, in Oxford, NY, Lovice Loomis, b. 28-Aug-1806, Oxford, NY, (daughter of Daniel Loomis and Sarah (Sally) Ten Broeck) d. 7-Nov-1877. Jeremiah died 11-Sep-1898, Preston.
    • i Silas Tillotson
    • ii Sabrina Tillotson, m. [_____] Chamberlain
    24. Silas Tillotson b. 1810, m. Eunice Smith. Silas died 14-Apr-1872.
    • i Maria Tillotson m. George A. Chamberlain
    • ii Josephine Tillotson m. Alvah Hunt Smith, b. 1819, Greene, NY, (son of Nathan Smith and Betsey Sharp) d. 24-Nov-1898, Greene, NY.
    • iii Sabrina Tillotson m. D. S. Gardner.


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